Per vedere meglio le foto: Salva immagine => Aprire con Microsoft Photo Editor (Le cornici verdi indicano i modelli disponibili)

To see the pictures, "save as" and then open it ;) (Green bordered images shows on trade models)

Stelco Porsche 914 Stelco Leyland Stelco Lamborghini Miura
Unknown Mercedes C111 NP VW Pickup NP Ford Mustang
Vinyl Line Land Rover Vinyl Line Renault 16 Vinyl Line Ferrari 250 Le Mans
British Made Auburn Rubber 1930'3 Oldsmobile Unknown Matra 630
Galanite trattore Galanite motrice Ford e bisarca Miniflex #07 - Buick Riviera '64
Plasto Citroen 2CV Stelco BMW unknown VW
Vinyl Line Mercury Stelco Unknown model Aurora Illinois Cadillac
Auburn Rubber n504 Auburn Rubber #508 Auburn Rubber n510
Auburn Rubber Nardi Auburn Rubber #518 Auburn Rubber #526
Auburn Rubber #528 Auburn Rubber #537 Old ARCO Rubber car 1945-50
Empire Rubber Sedan 1946-51 Sun rubber '40-'45 Sedan Ford '35 Unknown (Empire Rubber?)
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